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Join me as I cycle through the world, solo and self supported, carrying everything I need to live, using my own human power.

JUNE 2021: I resigned from my paramedic role in June 2021, flew to Gibraltar with my bike Cliffy and started cycling North. I had no plan, no timeline, no real experience cycling. 6 months, 10 countries and 6500kms later, I had cycled from Spain to Sweden. In December, I settled in the french alps to work, ski and wait for the snow to melt, when life threw me a curve ball. I tore the ligaments in my right knee in a skiing accident and needed to return home to Australia for surgery. After four months of dedicated rehabilitation, I was back! I flew back to Switzerland in June 2022, collected my trusty steed, Cliffy in Geneva, and cycled on across Europe and the Middle East.

JAN 2023: 15 incredible months, 27 amazing countries and 14,500kms later, I crossed into Africa.  After coming to loggerheads with the Egyptian police, I left Cliffy in a hostel and backpacked around Egypt for a month before returning to Jordan and cycling across Saudi Arabia. From Saudi, I took a ship across the Red Sea to Sudan where I was met with incredible kindness, beautiful landscapes and 50C heat in the Sahara Desert. Sadly, the war suddenly broke out the day after I arrived in Khatoum and I sheltered with a local family until I was evacuated by the french military. Suddenly in Paris without a bike or many belongings, it took me two months to replace the gear I had to leave behind including a beautiful new bike from Genesis named Lenny. 

June 2023: Lenny and I flew back to Africa and landed in Zanzibar, Tanzania where I cycled across the island, crossed onto the mainland on a local runabout and continued across the north of Tanzania. I cycled, first, north into Kenya and then west through Uganda before turning south again through Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania (again) and Malawi. I made my way west through Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and then finally turned south through South Africa. I shared an incredible moment with friends as I stood with Lenny at the Cape of Good Hope, the southwestern tip of Africa on January 14th 2024, two years and seven months after leaving home, living nomadically for all of this time, the dream never wavering from arriving at this little spot on the globe. 

A global pandemic, border closures, accidents, wars, extreme temperatures, surgery and visa restrictions have made some twists and turns in the journey,  but the adventure really begins when plans fly out the window. Cycling the world has become a greater goal of my life, but there are many more adventure to be had in between. For now, I will take some time off the bike and get back into some of the other adventure sports that i've been missing. Lenny and I will be back pedalling come May 2024 and beyond.


I hope you'll come along for the ride...


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