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Making a difference

I have chosen these two wonderful charities to raise funds for. If you would like to donate, please follow the links below and help make a difference!



WaterAid provides clean water, decent toilets and hygiene knowledge to people who don't yet have access to them. Access to clean water and toilets is a human right, and should be a normal part of daily life for everyone, everywhere.

I carry 4L of water with me each day and I’m privileged enough to easily refill my bottles daily at restaurants and public fountains. This fundraising campaign is to help those whose access to water isn’t this simple. 


CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity. It focuses on promoting early detection of breast cancer by encouraging women under 30 to regularly check their breasts.

In loving memory of my beautiful mum Cele, who fought a 10 year battle against breast cancer and passed away too young.

Green Travel


Millions of people are now able to explore this incredible world we live in. More flights, buses and cars now mean the travel sector accounts for 8% of global carbon emissions and is predicted to increase by an incredible 4% each year.


As the world warms and climate change threatens our global ecosystem, we each need to re-evaluate our individual footprints. We  need to look at travel in new and innovative ways that reduce our impact on the environment. 


I hope to advocate greener, cleaner, sustainable ways to travel by exploring the world by bicycle using my own human power.  It's not about being perfect 100% of the time, but rather being conscious of our consumer choices and making an effort, no matter how small, to reduce our impact when and where we can.

Reducing plastic in our oceans

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An estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the ocean every year and sadly, many animals mistakenly ingest plastic believing it to be a food source. 

#Take3ForTheSea is a global movement encouraging people to become more connected to the planet. We can make a big impact through small, simple acts. 

Throughout my trip, I'm committing to collect 3 pieces of rubbish each day and dispose of it properly to see the difference one person can make with a small daily act for the environment. 

Head to to learn more and join me!

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